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March 28th 10, 02:30 PM
Anyone use Centrine tablets on their cat for diarrhea? Does it also stop
regular bowel movements, like Kaopectate, or just diarrhea? If I start my
cat on it I'd like to know what to expect. I forgot to ask the vet when I
got them. I can call and ask but they're closed today (Sunday). What I've
found with Google doesn't say. I'll search further if no one here knows.

After three weeks of normal BMs the diarrhea returned yesterday. If it
continues I'll probably try the Centrine. I'm quite sure it's not her diet,
which hasn't changed. No people food, just canned Fancy Feast and only
three flavors.


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March 28th 10, 03:03 PM
Get some acidolphulos powder (or open some capsules) and add it to the
canned food.

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