View Full Version : VIRGINIA--Medical Exemption Clause Enacted 3/29/10

Kris L. Christine
May 13th 10, 11:42 AM
Virginia--Medical Exemption Clause enacted March 29, 2010 http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?101+ful+CHAP0182 VIRGINIA CODE Title 3.2 Section 3.2-6521

D. The Board of Health shall, by regulation, provide an exemption to the requirements of subsection A if an animal suffers from an underlying medical condition that is likely to result in a life-threatening condition in response to vaccination and such exemption would not risk public health and safety. For the purposes of 3.2-6522, such exemption shall mean that the animal is considered not currently vaccinated for rabies. For the purposes of 3.2-5902, 3.2-6526, and 3.2-6527, such exemption shall be considered in place of a current certificate of vaccination.