View Full Version : Food for sensitive cat revisited

May 13th 10, 06:42 PM
The probiotics didn't help after a week - made her a bit worse.

Broke down and ordered a case of Wellness canned - chicken. Here's hoping.
First feeding in an hour and a half. I'm praying for no vomiting and/or
abnormal BMs. Otherwise I hope I like the taste because someone will have
to eat all of that ~$30 cat food!

I'd love, after the past six months, to have a reliably available food she
can eat with no problems. I've sure tried.

"When you choose the lesser of two evils, always
remember that it is still an evil." - Max Lerner

May 13th 10, 09:38 PM

Make sure to transition from the old food slowly by mixing it with
Wellness. (Otherwise, you might have more tummy troubles.) Continue to
give probiotics. They won't hurt her--and may help long term.

Warm the food a bit before you feed her to tempt her senses. At her
age, her sense of smell has diminished.

Good luck--