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Kelly Greene[_2_]
June 12th 10, 02:31 AM
We stopped at Petco today while we were in town. I spied a dear little blue
eyed flame point Siamese kitten in one of the cages. He looked so sad. His
brother was adopted yesterday leaving him all alone. He's about 7 weeks old
and neutered already.

We went about our business, ran our errands, but he stuck in my mind all

After getting home, I went back the 25 miles and got him. Poor little guy
hid in terror under the desk in old office. He finally came out and let us
play with and pet him. Tomorrow he goes to the vet for a checkup and tests.
I have 10 days to decide if I want to keep him or not. I'll see how he works
out with the girls. Right now I'm keeping them separated. No history was
known about him and his brother.

I am so smitten with this kitten. :)

We have not yet named him.

I just peeked in the office again and he's sleeping in his fluffy little

June 12th 10, 01:19 PM
Oh, that's wonderful. I do hope the little one works out. Rome wasn't
built in a day and sometimes at first you may think you made a mistake but
then later you realize what a wonderful addition the new one is to your


June 13th 10, 07:45 PM
A little medicine, some good food and a lot of love and hopefully kitty will
be as good as new!


June 14th 10, 07:11 PM
> It's being worked on now. *Poor little guy is skin and bones. *He skipped
> eating yesterday and today, but he ate very well this evening. *:( *He wont
> touch canned food so we're giving him the dry stuff they sent home with him
> (Science Diet) and Purina Kitten Chow. *He wont touch dry Wellness or
> Neutro. *At this time we're thrilled he'll eat anything. *He'll be switched
> later on when he gains some strength and weight.

Good for you. Have you tried the kitten canned version of Innova Evo?

I recently read an article that said kittens form decisions about what
is "food" between 5-8 weeks of age. Knowing the histories of our three
cats and their preferences (not that they will get it, LOL), this
seems to have some truth to it. So give him canned now, and it will
pay off later. Try warming it a bit and/or mixing it with a bit of KMR
to make more of a gruel.


June 17th 10, 09:25 PM
> Good for you. Have you tried the kitten canned version of Innova Evo?
> :: No since the stores here don't carry it. *Where are you getting it? *He
> did eat canned food when mixed with the kibble the second or third time I
> tried it. *I was thrilled. *It's called Sophisticat from PetsMart. *No corn,
> veggies or fruit. * The stores here said they are getting in, sometime this
> year, better brands of cat food. *I saw Neuman's Organic cat food at
> Wal*Mart but the cost was unreal. *I've seriously considered cooking fish
> and chicken and adding an additive for them rather than try and find a
> really good affordable canned food.

I buy mine at a smaller chain called Pet Supplies Plus (they have a
web site with store locator, I'm in Wisconsin). They have a great
variety of high-quality wet food there. You could consider feeding a
commercially prepared raw diet like Nature's Variety or Stella &
Chewy's. Or, if you want to make your own raw, here's an excellent web
site: http://www.catnutrition.org/index.php Click on the "foodmaking"
link at the top of the page. It's very important to use a balanced
recipe, because cats have complex nutritional requirements.

> :: For some reason he ate it after a few tries. I did add some water since
> there was dry kibble in the bowl also. *This morning he had a package of
> Special Kitty beef something with some raw ground turkey meat. *Not one
> kibble in the mix. *He gobbled it up. * :) *No more dry kibble for him.

Good! A wet diet will be so much healthier for him.