View Full Version : Advice on catching mama cat and kittens please..

June 21st 10, 04:31 PM
I posted about the following cat and kittens before but would
appreciate your opinions on how to go about getting them.

Below is the text of an e-mail that I sent to several online rescue
organizations including Best Friends Organization asking their
opinion. Thanks in advance for any opinions.


We have a mama cat that had 4 kittens under our house which are about
8 / 9 weeks old now and eat dry and wet food but still nurse
occasionally. The mama is trying to wean them. The mama is still
VERY protective of them.

The thing is that about 1 1/2 weeks ago she moved them for whatever
reason but after much prayer (Which God answered) she returned them to
under the house after 3 days from about 4 blocks away. She came back
several times a day to eat then returned to her babies while they were
gone. We have the mama used to us and she comes to us and is very
friendly with us and we feed them but the kittens are not so friendly
yet. We are working on them and they are getting better.

Thing is we want to get them and was wondering should we take the mama
first which would be easy do or work on getting the babies first which
we would not be able to get all at one time. A couple of them would
be kind of easy to get when they come to eat but the other 2 we might
have to live trap. You think the mama might move the remaining
kittens if we took a couple kittens before taking her leaving her with
the remaining 2??

Plus we have 2 grandkids 6 and 10 that play outside and we are afraid
the mama might feel threatened and move them again with them playing
in the yard like kids that age do. That might be why she moved them
the first time.

If interested there are a couple pics of them at
http://users.ameritech.net/lestark/the_four.htm The mama tortie and
other black one are under the house at the time.

PLEASE answer soon if you would because the grandkids are gone for a
week and we would like to decide what to do while they are gone.