View Full Version : Tramadol - preliminary results

July 1st 10, 01:51 AM
So Meep has been on Tramadol for about a week now. The good news is -
it's working... sort of. The immediate result is her litterbox habits
have improved tremendously. She has completely stopped sitting in the
box but peeing over the edge! She is able to squat and pee normally, so
she does (I had thought it was behavioral, since she was already on a
painkiller for arthritis!).

She eats better, sometimes. For less stress on both parts, I've been
trying to put it in her food, but that's not been working so well, so
I'm having to give her the full dose by mouth (it's a tuna-flavored
liquid). Oddly, she's taken to drooling when I do this - not sure if
the Tramadol is causing it (didn't at first) or it's some sort of odd

Anybody ever have a cat drool a lot when giving a liquid med by mouth?
I'm getting it well down the back of her throat.

When she gets the full dose though, she does eat all her food, which is
awesome. However, neither of us really wants to go through dosing her
twice a day for the rest of her life, so I'm hoping eventually to get
her to where I can put it in her food...

So, it's going well, but we're not quite there yet. Thought I'd pass
this on for those who's cat's pain may not be properly controlled with
the med they're on.