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Bill Graham
July 20th 10, 07:57 PM
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>> John Doe wrote:
>>> Cats use their claws for practically everything they do, not
>>> just for self-defense. Cats use their claws for hunting,
>>> playing, exercise, soft defense, and for getting from here to
>>> there.
>> Have you ever actually OBSERVED a declawed cat in action?
> I have not, and I never will except maybe by chance. But I have
> this thing called COMMON SENSE that trumps your claim to have a
> declawed cat and your superficial observations. I have managed
> cats for many years, I have thoughtfully observed them, and I know
> much about how they use their claws and what their claws are used
> for.
>> Watching Cendrillon, you'd not realize she has no front claws.
> As more than a superficial observer, the difference would be
> obvious to me.
>> She still has TOES, after all -
> The idea that a cat's toes are comparable to a cat's claws is just
> silly.
>> they only amputate the first joint in the declawing process.
>> People might not be very happy to lose the first joints of their
>> fingers, either, but as amputees, they'd adjust - their hands
>> and the remains of the fingers (including the opposable thumb)
>> would still be there.
> There is no comparison between a cat's claw and an individual
> joint of a human finger.
> Cats do not use their joints to hang on to anything, they use
> their claws. Cats use their claws unlike anything we use our
> individual joints for. Removing a cat's claw is is not at all like
> removing just the first joint of a human finger, it is like
> removing the entire finger. A gymnast cannot grab onto a crossbar
> with the first joint of his finger, he has to use the whole
> finger. A cat cannot grab onto a tree (or an enemy, or prey, or a
> ball, or a climbing post) without claws.
> A cat's claws are what it uses to grab onto things. Are you
> seriously saying that you do not know that much? Apparently you
> have no idea of how things that you see actually work.
>> I don't believe in docking dogs' tails, either, but even
>> tail-less they manage to "wag".
> And what the **** does a dog's tail have to do with a cat's claws?
> Uhg.
> --
>> (Barbaric as both practices are, the
>> animal doesn't miss what it has never had, it simply gets on with its
>> life.)
>>> So, how is your adopted declawed cat doing these days, in your
>>> view?
>> She seems perfectly happy - certainly has no problem climbing the cat
>> tree, nor claiming the tops of the refrigerator and my china cabinet as
>> her territory! You'd think she'd be at a disadvantage in wrestling
>> matches with Melisande, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Nor does
>> she have any difficulty chasing Melisande all over the apartment. When
>> the two have differences of opinion, wins and losses seem to be evenly
>> divided, claws or no claws.
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My B-K uses his claws to dig the last bits of food out of his little orange
plastic cups that I buy him in the supermarket. Declawing a cat is like
having your fingers chopped off. It disables the cat for no good purpose.