View Full Version : My cat needs surgery :(

July 25th 10, 06:08 AM
hey guys, i'd usually never do this, but since i'm currently laid off, and cannot afford the bill, i was wondering if you guys can help out a lil, doesn't have to be much, anything will help.


My cat is 8 months old, and 15lbs "gonna be a big boy, roughly 25-30lbs". He's a cheetoh cat, which is a breed that is part bengal/ocicat. This cat is very active and.... Two weeks ago, i noticed that he was limping on his right rear leg, so i brought him in to get checked. I ended up paying 320$ to get an answere that wasn't 100%. They told me to give it a week and see if things get better. A week went by, and i didn't see any improvements. So i brought him back in, and they took a few more x-rays, and said that his bones looked fine. Now they're telling me that i gotta bring him to some other place, and he's gonna need surgery. They're saying that it's a torn crucial ligament The surgery bill will be roughly 2000$ :(

here's a few pics of him