View Full Version : Cat rejecting microchip??

John Ross Mc Master
September 19th 10, 05:42 PM
An 11 year old cat who was microchipped 10+ years ago seems to be
rejecting the chip. Has anyone ever heard of this before?
The (edited) email I recieved is below.

I noticed a lump by Archie's "shoulder blade"...
days later he lost his hair there, the size of a palm!

So I took him in today.
His microchip has been working it's way to the top of his skin as it
seems like his body is rejecting it. This has been probably going for
quite awhile!

Poor guy, must of been at the very least, itchy.

So on the weekend, or Monday, they are going to remove it.
Some stitches and then antibiotics for a bit, but very minor is seems.

So send some good thoughts his way for a speedy recovery!

September 20th 10, 01:38 PM
Hi, John. Hope all goes well. His body must know what it's doing. Hope
he's an indoor cat.