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October 9th 10, 10:06 PM
Hi Phil, I don't even know if this *is* a problem. One of my cats (a
rescue, as are all my cats), Sammy (5 years old), looks to be about
99.99999% Maine Coon. She's a *huge* cat with a thick, long coat in three
layers & tipped. Other than this "problem(?)", she's in excellent health -
playful, interested in everything around her, her eyes are bright and clear,
she has no litterbox problems, she allows me to palpate her abdomen and
musculature (she has no lumps and her bladder feels normal) and she lets me
check her ears and teeth (both are fine, she doesn't even need a dental
cleaning. The only trouble I have with her is brushing her long, thick
coat - I have scars on my body from past groomings - so she does hurk up the
occasional hairball. But, thankfully, Maine Coons get very few mats.

I have 3 water bowls upstairs, and a "Drinkwell Platinum Fountain"
downstairs. Sammy drinks quite a *lot* of water (she prefers the fountain
and will drink from it at least 3 times a day - but I've also seen her drink
from the bowls upstairs).

I've heard that, in humans, excessive thirst is one of the signs of
diabetes. Is the same true of cats?

All my cats eat Fancy Feast canned food (one can each, twice daily), and I
haven't seen any of my other cats drink this much - but then she is double,
and even triple the size of the rest of my cats. You'd seen a picture of
her before and told me that she wasn't obese (but she *is* very muscular and
fluffy). Here's a link to her picture...

http://www.possibleplaces.com/catnipped/Jessie17/100_0087.jpg and

http://www.possibleplaces.com/catnipped/Jessie17/100_0086.jpg - for
comparison, Jessie, seen in this picture, is a "normal" sized cat at 7.5

Sammy has always drunk quite a bit, and it's possible that, being bed-ridden
for months, I'm just seeing and noticing her drinking whereas before I was
at work so couldn't watch her (the fountain is in my bedroom where all the
cats hang out during the day. I open the drapes on both sets of double
French doors and the mini jungle that's my back yard hosts a variety of
wildlife, so for the cats it's like having two big-screen TVs.).

She sees the vet regularly, but she's not due back for her next visit until
6 months from now. Again, all this may be is my being around her 24/7 so am
only now noticing her drinking habits.

Do you think she needs to see him? With me out of work on disability, and
DH being unemployed for well over a year, we're on an extremely tight budget
and I don't want to pay an unnecessary $45 office visit and however much the
tests they run, for something that's not even a problem. Supporting and
pampering 5 cats already stretches our finances.



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