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October 12th 10, 02:47 PM

Reds, you can see her as a kitten, at http://fluffyfuzzies.com, does a
very strange, out of context, hiss. I have never heard it before. When
I am walking down the stairs to tend to her and her kittens, she meets
me on the steps (in excited anticipation of being fed her once-a-day
succulent meal (dry food is a 24-hour-a-day deal)), and does this
unfamiliar hiss. This morning, while watching an oldie-goldie movie on
the Classics channel, there was a black leopard doing that exact same
“hiss”, but showing its teeth. Reds does the hiss out of excitement,
not viciousness.

As you know I have been doing recessive-gene breeding. I know of no
breed where black leopards were used in the past to produce any
breeds. Does anyone know how to explain how Reds wound up with this
black leopard hiss? The reason iam emphasizing the “black” is so that
you will understand the size of the cat from which the hiss is coming,
while Reds is just a normal-size, domestic kitty.

Reds, as you can see, has no black-leopard appearance about her,
however she was basically born “feral“, which I think is the wrong
word to use here. I suspect sheis basically a domesticated jungle cat
of sorts.

Since her kittens, she has become friendly and loving toward me
(weeeeel a little bit sometimes) and lets me pet her and pick her up.
I found she has a very unusual, delightful-texture fur. It is so fine
and silky I cannot really describe it yet, except to say it is truly
different from any other kitty I have ever known. I have only just
begun to beable to handle her, but not to be able to examine at
length, for fear of scaring her away.

What do I have here in Reds. Anyone know? Most of her kittens have rat-
shaped faces with large eyes and ears, and are reddish colored . She
never “cleans” herself, nor did she ever “clean” her new born babies,
and I suspected they were all going to die of filth infection. I
always thought she had rough fur as a result. Now I know
different . . . She was just dirty . . . Really dirty . . . Or
something . . .

Does any of this ring a bell for anyone as to whatis going on here
with Reds’ bloodlines? Is this just something dull and old hat or
should I be excited over this?

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