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John Doe
October 17th 10, 09:20 PM
"Barb" <bguzzino optonline.net> wrote:

> I had to get a couple of Rubbermaid high backed litter boxes
> because my new cat was peeing outside the box. I have the two
> boxes in a dedicated closet and it has worked out fine.

Putting the litter box in a smaller space sounds like it could

By the way... Astroturf or similar mats work wonders for cat
management. They can be used for the litter box area, and they can
be used for a very cool and comfortable sleeping mat (with a paper
towel covering that is replaced regularly to keep it very clean).
A cat might have an adverse reaction to the feeling of the
Astroturf, but probably only temporary. I started using them a
decade ago, seems like they were made for cats. Nowadays they
actually sell them specifically for cat purposes. I have a bunch.

Good luck and have fun.

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