View Full Version : Kenzie 1995 to Oct 23, 2010

October 29th 10, 12:16 AM
A very kind person on rec.pets.cats.anecdotes put some pictures of
Kenzie on a website, so people could see them.

I don't know how to do this, so I'm very, very grateful.

They can be found here:


Most of the pictures were taken on my front porch.

Kenzie didn't like to have her picture taken, but she LOVED my front
porch, so I was able to get a few nice photos of her.

The really BIG picture was taken in 2001. Kenzie is wearing the collar
that belonged to my cat that went to the Bridge in 2001, Blizzard, and
she has 2 extra tags: one from Blizzard, and one from Lucky, who went to
the Bridge in 1999.

How I miss my sweet kitty, Kenzie, ALL DAY LONG :(