View Full Version : I want to give Kenzie's Tapazole away

October 30th 10, 09:28 AM
I have over 80 tablets of 5mg. Tapezole, generic, left over.

Once, I discovered I didn't have a refill left, and I almost ran out, so
I always kept AT LEAST an 'extra' 60 tablets on hand, just in case.

I guess I didn't need to have o many on hand :(

So, if you are giving your cat Tapazole, (methimizole) please let me

I know it's illegal to transfer prescriptions between people, but my
container says 'cat' right on the label :)

One container is lapelled 11-3-2009, but the tablets inside are newer. I
got the prescription filled at Target, and their containers don't
'stand-up': I hate them.

They 'stand up' UPSIDE DOWN, how stupid is that?

I wonder how many people picked up the OPEN container, turned it upside
down, and had tiny tablets disappear down the drain in the sink under
the medicine cabinet?

Probably, that was the plan all along....

So I transferred it into an older Walmart container, that you can open
the top, and leave the container standing.

The other container is from Target, and it's dated Aug/8/2010.

Hmm....that container doesn't say 'cat' on it; I'll have to take the
pills out, and put them in the other container, in a little baggie, with
the date on it.

Kenzie was only on 3/4 tablet per day, so 60 tablets lasted 80 days.

So the pills in the other container are probably from about June,
2010...or I filled it AFTER the one dated AUG 8, 2010, and I failed to
use the older pills first. I can't remember.

It seems like I filled them pretty recently....

My brain isn't working very well, these days, I'm sorry to say.

I'd like to keep this inside the USA, to keep the postage cost down

My E-mail is


If there is more than one person, I'd like them to go to whomever is
more 'financially challenged'...like I am.

Perhaps start a discussion here.