View Full Version : How cats lap water -- latest scientific analysis

November 19th 10, 06:49 PM
I'll bet you probably thought that, unlike dogs, cats simply cup the
UNDERsides of their tongues to lap up water. That's a misbelief! For any of
you with a sense of curiousity and/or a scientific or technical orientation,
here's the last word on the subject.

Engineers and physicists truly are wizards, in that they can make
predictions about stuff that the rest of us either don't understand or are
not even aware of is occuring around us. For example, imagine being able to
calculate for the first time (essentially to predict) the speed of light,
without the benefit of any empiricle data; using only a piece of chalk and a
blackboard? And to do so when most people were unaware that light is
composed of particles? And who else but Einstein could imagine for the first
time that gravity could bend light? That idea has since been experimentally
proven to be a fact, making the original idea a sort of prediction.