View Full Version : Rave for 'World's Best Cat Litter'

November 20th 10, 04:40 PM
I'll never switch. It clumps well, does NOT stick to side or bottom
of the litter box, very little dust, every bit is used, and not
tracked all over the house. What's not to like? Comes in small bag
too - no breaking your back with the heavy bags or pails. $6.49 -
not bad, considering you'll use every speck of the stuff. They say
one bag will last one cat over a month.

Bohgosity BumaskiL
December 7th 10, 09:25 AM
Plain old clay requires less maintenance. Scooping out clumps does nothing
about odour. Turds, yes, scoop. Scoopable clay is sodium bentonite. Sure, it
clumps, imperfectly. It also makes ammonia more volatile, so those crumbs
you inevitably leave in make the whole box stink. Do not stir it, either. My
owners favour one end, so in the middle of the week, I turn the whole box
around. As a bonus, plain old clay is usable as a fertilized additive to
potting soil, while Sodium Bentonite is alkaline even before adding ammonia.
Plain clay.

I hav tried everything else. When I gave my owners a choice between wood
chips and silica jel, they chose silica. When I gave them a choice between
silica jel and clay, they chose clay. Plain clay lasts just as long as
clumping clay. Do not stir. You might be tempted to use less than four
kilograms every other week for one cat. Don't. The risk is that your owner
will use something other than your litter box, and once that starts, it is
very hard to stop.