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November 30th 10, 05:23 PM
Emily, 15, has a diet problem - most foods give her diarrhea, including
all the grocery-store cat food brands and flavors I've tried. She
tolerates Wellness canned well, but is getting tired of the chicken
flavor I've been feeding her for over a year now. The only store here
that sells Wellness doesn't have individual cans; you have to buy by the
case which I do. They say Wellness won't supply them with a case of
assorted flavors. I'd like to try a few cans of another flavor before I
invest in a case. Wellness dry causes diarrhea too, so I have to be very

Suggestions? Maybe some other premium cat food brand that does have
single cans available and is more widely available? It would be nice if
it had fiber added to help control her hairballs. Now I add three
teaspoons of pumpkin to one of her three daily meals, which helps, but
she eats it very very reluctantly.



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December 4th 10, 06:04 PM
Rene > wrote in news:23915e0b-5b23-4d49-b3b4-

> Does this store carry Innova Evo canned or Nature's Variety canned?
> Our gang loves the Evo especially, and it comes in flavors like
> venison, turkey/chicken, and duck.

Yes, but only has the canned dog food in stock. As with their Wellness,
you have to order canned cat food by the case and I hate to buy a case
she might not like or, more likely, causes diarrhea.

I'll next check into the Nature's Variety.

Poor Emily. She especially hates the Wellness with the pumphin I add for
one of her three meals. I wish I could find something she likes that will
control her hairballs.


"When you choose the lesser of two evils, always
remember that it is still an evil." - Max Lerner

Bohgosity BumaskiL
December 19th 10, 09:00 AM
I hav seen "hairball control" on some packages. I do not believe it, because
the only way it can be done is to reduce shedding, that is quite a feat for
food, and no way will food keep up such a feat. "Skittles" (Cats do not
really hav names: The only thing in the world that knows the name of a cat
is an electric can opener...or a pop-top) hardly shed at all for her first
two years. She has soft hair. In the last year, though, she has coughed up a
few hairballs. When she passes the ten year mark, I expect she will shed
quite a lot, hence more hairballs.
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