View Full Version : Looking for the source of this dramatic cat vs dog picture

December 26th 10, 10:52 PM
Hey folks. Lost my Usenet account, and am reduced to Google.. hope you
can help me out.

I first saw this picture a few years ago, have seen it pop up in
various spots, and it's pretty awesome. Cat takes a swipe at a
snarling dog on a beach.

Usually these types of spats wind up with someone running away, but I
can't help hoping the cat lived to fight another day.

Does anyone know the origin of the pic? Something in the back of my
head says it's a National Geographic photo, but there's a lot of stuff
in the back of my head.


Anyway, thanks for any ideas. If you don't want to click on a tinyurl,
send me an email and I'll forward the pic.

Hope you all are doing well!