View Full Version : Choosing Wood Flooring for Your Home

John Tomase
January 29th 11, 12:28 PM
The floor is often a neglected part of a house, but worth paying
attention to considering its ability to influence its entire look. If
you are planning to refurbish your home, you should consider new

Some might prefer the natural look more than carpeting, so there are
actually different choices these days. The benefit that a wooden floor
offers is that it comes with many choices in material and shades. It
makes any room look good. Before deciding on which sort of wooden
floor is to be used, some pros and cons should be considered first. By
adopting this method you might be able to understand that your
selections are best for you and your needs.

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jhon woo
February 12th 11, 12:59 PM
Real wood floors are good for a home’s resale value and last the life of the home. People walk on wood floors as old as our nation every day; for example, the floors in Washington’s Mount Vernon. Carpet is replaced three to six times before most solid wood floors need repair. Wood floors cost less in the long term and add value to your home.

May 11th 11, 09:26 AM
In general where did you guys purchase them?? any good shop to go??

yes,I also want to know.