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April 11th 11, 04:07 PM
]v[ataphoid > wrote:
> On Apr 9, 2:06 pm, Ace > wrote:
>> On Apr 5, 10:46 pm, "CatNipped" > wrote:
>>> SIGH! Easter vacation and all the kiddies are out of school playing
>>> at being trolls - this is one thing I didn't miss while I was away.
>> So you are the cat lady? Why not bend over and let me slip a little
>> round steak into that kitty? After i sex you beyond belief we can
>> explore your anal universe. You should have stayed away because the
>> smell of your crotch is enough to knock a buzzard off of a ****
>> wagon. PEW!!!
>> A*
> lil' Acey, you'll have no idea of what true stink is until you finally
> visit me and my sister/daughter/son/wife Lynne in our shack in the
> Australian outback. Be sure to bring your kids whom I fancy so very
> much along with you.
> Here's a picture of me with my sister/daughter/son/wife Lynne:
> http://www.godubois.com/blahdocs/uploads/inbreds_9319.jpg
> Is it any wonder that my ass is of the brightest red and my belly is
> of the brightest yellow?

Someone's getting desperate for company - forging responses to his own
lack-witted posts in a pitiful cry for attention...

Try being nicer to your family if you really want someone to talk to, Brian.

Bill Graham
April 12th 11, 01:20 AM
]v[etaphoid wrote:

Love those, "Clark Gable" ears.....

Viva Las Vegas
April 12th 11, 04:16 AM
On Apr 11, 5:20*pm, "Bill Graham" > wrote:
> ]v[etaphoid wrote:
> http://www.godubois.com/blahdocs/uploads/inbreds_9319.jpg
> Love those, "Clark Gable" ears.....

They run in the family...