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April 23rd 11, 04:39 PM


Dog-Eat-Dog World: Do you know what your pet is eating?

In today's world where pets are part of the family, many people don't
know that the food they are buying for them could be a time bomb in
Dogs and cats are wonderful friends and good company. Those who have
pets in their homes, generally come to view them as members of the
family. They spend thousands of dollars per year on pet products,
ranging from brushes to beds to food. You may have at least one pet
yourself, but when was the last time you took a good look at the
ingredients label on your favorite pet food? Do you know what you are
feeding them?

Working on a tip given me by a friend, I took a stroll down the pet
food aisle the other day, closely examining the ingredients on several
well-known brands of canned and dry dog food. I was appalled by what I
read. Other than false advertising (the main ingredients in a beef,
bacon and cheese flavor of one brand were not, as one might surmise,
beef, bacon and cheese, but chicken and meat by-products, liver and
chicken, and then, after flour and such, came the expected
ingredients, plus vitamins) there were also several “banned” items in
the list.

If you don’t feel like inspecting pet food cans and packages in the
aisles of your supermarket, you can also look online by searching for
dog food or cat food ingredients. They list them all; some proudly,
some as an afterthought. One dry food listed its main ingredients as
being meat and bone meal (the latter was banned in 1988 and for a very
good reason), meat and chicken by-products, wheat flour, soy flour,
etc ... (cont0

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