View Full Version : Eye Infection

May 6th 11, 08:10 PM
I have recently been hit with eye infection in my pride, the likes of which i have never encountered. Got rid of it, and suddenly seems to have come back all kinda mutated.

Is anyone having or heard of a tough eye infection going around anywhere in the Country preferably in Pennsylvania?

Allow me to tell you how unbelievable this is: I have an old boy that has been through everything, and is hardy as a cat can get, but i just went out there, and there he was with this strange eye infection. This is unheard of!!!!!!! It hits almost overnight!!!! . . . now (the mutated form).

With the original infection (before this mutation) i took one sample cat into the Vet. He gave him a shot; he was real good for a day; it came back the next day worse than it had been when i was treating him. Right now he is ok because i put him outside figuring it was a fresh-air, sunshine problem, and it worked. He got well. However i see one eye starting to show signs that maybe he will get the mutation now.

The original problem seemed to be due to the paper-pellets kitty litter, because i changed and went back on the clumping. That did seem to be what cleared it up, plus being able (for a few days (weather went back to Winter, from 81 to freezing)) to open doors and windows and to let in the sunshine, but now this: the mutation, and this one is ugly mean. Even the outside cats are getting this one, which they didnot get the original.

I have never had this problem in my life, nor anything like it. I have never seen this before. Believe me when i say this is NEW!!!!!!!