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Bill Graham
June 22nd 11, 03:15 AM
CatNipped wrote:
> I hate, hate HATE those companies that not only require a certain
> number of characters, but refuse passwords that are recent repeats of
> past passwords (like 20 passwords back, or won't allow consesequitive
> letters, or common words, or anything at ALL easily memorable - no
> wonder I can't ever get into the same place twice. What the heck do
> they care if I get "hacked", that's *NY* problem, and besides, the
> passwords I use and remember couldn't possibly be figured out by
> anyone but me and *maybe* Ben. Who the hell are they to tell me
> what's a proper password for me??!!
> </password rant>

Sorry we were so rudely interrupted....

I am developing a password system that generates the password from the web
address of the internet page on which I am located at the time. IOW, if I am
on, "Wellsfargo.com" the password I will use will be unforgettable to me,
because it will be generated by the word, "wellsfargo" together with a
standard password that applies to all that I can remember easily. When I
complete this, my password will be different for every vendor, and yet
unforgetable by me, since I will generate it mentally based on the name of
the website. I may try to get around the word length problem by generating
an 8 character password to begin with, since thare are some sites that
require more than 6 characters, but I haven't come across one yet that
refuses to accept 8 characters. I will use the keyboard letter positions to
generate specal characters, since most "password advisors" insist on mixing
in some special characters, although I really can't understand why. They
only add about 10 characters to the standard 36 or so alpha-numeric set. But
the keyboard has them, so it will be easy for me to use it to generate them.