View Full Version : Amazing rescue.

Richard Casady
July 13th 11, 12:13 AM
THe cat is gone in the fire that burned up everything I owned, nearly.
So is the dog. I have a few memories, and some cat hair on my winter
parka. Late one night the dog was running loose outside on our 40
acres and simple would not come when called. She just barked. We found
her a hundred yards from the house guarding Bob the cat who had an
infected wound in a leg and was too weak to stand. Bob had been gone
so long we had given him up for dead. Four days, and in the country if
you don't see a cat for one whole day, you probably won't. We get our
cats from the shelter. One of ours, Moe, had been in a bitty cage for
17 months. Our cats are indoor/outdoor and take their chances with the
coyotes and owls. I found two heavyweight [bed] Heaters inseparable
buddies, abandoned on a country road, stuffed into a carrier. Trouble
is, they have been declawed.
I will find the right ones it is only a matter of time. Two heavy
heaters, at least fifteen pounds.