View Full Version : Re: Kitten Keeps Pooping On The Carpet

Bill Graham
July 28th 11, 05:11 PM
manjiyu wrote:
> Hi folks. this is driving me crazy so I'd appreciate some tips please.
> Our 10-weeks old Kitten Crystal started pooping on the carpet at the
> top of our stairs last week. She uses her litter tray to both wee and
> poop but more often than not she is pooping on this particular piece
> of carpet. It's the only place in our house that we have carpet but
> I'd really like to stop this from happening. Any suggestions?

Go to a carpet store. They usually have 2 x 3 foot samples for sale for like
a dollar or two a piece. buy one or more. then put that sample at the top of
the stairs where she likes to poop. She will probably be happy to poop on
your sample. Then gradually move the sample out the door and into the garden
where you would like her to poop, or anywhere else where you would like her
to poop.