View Full Version : Re: Kitten Keeps Pooping On The Carpet

August 1st 11, 09:56 PM
First, have you taken her to the vet to make sure she doesn't have any
medical issues? At the bare minimum, take a stool sample to your vets
to be checked for parasites. Our youngest cat had both coccidia and
roundworm, and she developed diarrhea and started pooing outside of
the litter box.

How many boxes do you have? If you have just one, try adding a second
box in another location. Some cats prefer to use one box for #1 and
another for #2.

Have you thoroughly cleaned the carpet with an enzymatic cleaner (like
Nature's Miracle)?

How often do you scoop out your boxes? Try scooping at least once
daily, preferably twice.

Try another brand of _unscented_ litter in another box. She might not
like the brand or texture of litter. I would suggest using NON
clumping at her age. Small kittens might eat clumping litter and it
could be dangerous if she does. You can transition back to clumping
when she's older.