View Full Version : Re: Fresh Step Natural Scoop, the dust returns

John Doe
November 9th 11, 07:56 AM
Still using it. Works well for one cat. The other splashes the
litter all over (in her covered litter box, an amazing device), so
that one is significantly more difficult to clean especially since
the Essentials does not clump well. Still like it better for the
lack of dust.

John Doe > wrote:

> I have been using Arm and Hammer Essentials cat litter. It is
> really almost dust free, unlike dusty clay litters that lie about
> being dust free. Yesterday I bought Fresh Step Natural Scoop ultra
> light cat litter and the first thing I noticed was dust rising out
> of the cat litter box. Considering the fact that cats sniff around
> a lot in the litter, I would think that they would be concerned
> about cats breathing dust. If you think your litter isn't dusty,
> use a high-powered flashlight and you will be enlightened.
> I will probably go back to the Arm and Hammer.
> Good luck and have fun.