View Full Version : Continuing saga of the hard-core feral female...

John Doe
November 9th 11, 08:52 AM
Looking at a house cat and realizing that it's not really a house
cat is kind of weird.

Lately, she has been meowing softly when hungry and food is on the
way. Otherwise, things do not fundamentally change. I just wonder
if keeping her is like taking in any other adult wild animal. She
has been here for almost 5 years. Still ignores me. Sometimes I
sing to her, that is about the only thing I do that causes a
positive reaction (relaxation). I sing "I like Kiki..." and she
replies "Then why are you here?" Not so much of that lately, but
inwardly she is still scared. She ran around and cried a bit when
access to her loft was temporarily cut off for cleaning. It was
like déjà vu, but nothing like when she first got trapped inside
here. My male cat would rather be inside than outside, I can leave
the door open without worry. I think the female does too, but I
wouldn't risk it. She is allowed to look out through a very
lightweight screen window, and she never touches it. Unlike when
she first got here... One episode, back then, she darted around
and almost blew her way through a window, only to be stopped cold
by a heavy-duty screen I had installed there.

At least it is an interesting experience for me (being interested
in animals).

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3190773594/in/photostream