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John Doe
November 9th 11, 06:51 PM
Can you imagine being an animal stuck inside all day, especially
when your manager leaves for work/whatever, and the place is

I make neat things for my cats, not because I love them more than
you, but because I enjoy designing and building needful things.
One fairly easy to use device that helps provide stimulation for
my cats is an infant room monitor. First you buy one. Then you put
the transmitter outside someplace. Then you put the receiver
inside someplace where your cats can hear it. That's about it.

One modification helps, to make the sound more realistic... If you
can, connect the output of your receiver to an inexpensive powered
computer speaker. This task would be much easier if most infant
room monitors came with a headphone output jack. Only one that I
know of has a headphone output jack, but my experience with it was
not good. It is made by The First Years. As long as you buy
locally, you can return it easily enough if it doesn't work for
you. Then, all you need is a mini stereo jack extender,
male-to-male headphone plug. You can probably get that at
RadioShack. Those male-to-male headphone extension wires come with
various computer peripherals too. If you have one, it's a simple
matter of plugging one end into the infant room monitor receiver
headphone output jack and the other end into your inexpensive
computer speaker input jack. (Personally, I just soldered the two
things together.)

My cats enjoy listening to the outside sounds, just like they
enjoy looking, smelling, and feeling a breeze through a window.
What animal doesn't? If you go for it, you might want to start out
with the volume very low, and increase it over a period of days or

They enjoy a Skyway too, a tiny section of that Skyway is shown on
my picture page.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/