View Full Version : Cat does not like "cat" toys. [slightly morbid]

November 10th 11, 09:11 PM
No surprise, kitty loves to chase a toy tied to a string. Fetch, or
cat fishing, if you will.
Toy mice, bundles of feathers, pretty much anything that moves they
will chase.

They like those Ty toys; beanie babies. Except for one. Beanie baby
tiger (specificly "India" of the Beanie Buddies collection if you want
pictures). Both my cats have zero experience with kittens, but I can
only assume they see the stuffed tiger toy as a kitten, a dead kitten.

No matter how much catnip you put on a "dead kitten", adult cats do
not approve.

I feel so dumb now because I've been trying to get them to play with
this tiger for weeks. Slowly traumatizing the poor cats :(
They just watch in mild horror as I drag the tiger around with a

Note to self; stick with mice.