View Full Version : Introducing our two cats. Have done lots of research but need advice!

November 13th 12, 09:05 PM

We moved to a new place with our one year old siamese and purchased a six year old bengal cat the same day and moved him in as well. We made the big mistake of introducing them immediately and of course a fight broke out. After we learned our lesson we took it slow and started introducing them through a window connecting the house to the patio. Swapping scents, etc.

We put a feliway diffuser in the living room, and eventually started to introduce them face to face with the bengal on a leash (he is almost always the aggressor). Eventually they seemed calm around each other and we released him from his leash. Things went relatively well. They would chase after each other and playfully hit each other and growl sometimes but nothing serious. However, randomly the Bengal has started to become more aggressive and the fights got much more serious with tufts of fur flying and hissing / growling. The only thing we could think of was we stopped putting vanilla extract on the cats. Our siamese seems to be merely curious but the bengal cat is very aggressive. It is unusual that we seemed to have gone backwards a step instead of forwards. What would you guys suggest? Should we go back to the leash again?

November 14th 12, 03:57 PM
It's possible that your Bengal smelled something "odd" about the other cat and regressed. It's not uncommon. Are you still using the Feliway diffuser? You might want to add another diffuser in the room where the other cat is kept.

Yes, it sounds like you need to a step back. Separate them again and start by feeding them on opposite sides of the door. If you can, play with them under the door so they can touch paws. Take it slow. You may not be able to leave them alone together for a while, and that's ok.

You're doing everything right so far. Always make sure your siamese has a safe place to go to where she will be undisturbed. You don't want her to feel threatened.

Please keep us posted.