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February 17th 13, 03:23 AM
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> Book endorsement:
> "Every freedom loving American should read this book. A.F. Alexander
> lays out the facts as only an insider could, and they are startling.
> Christian Dominionism represents a clear and present danger to our
> democracy, and this book tells you what each of us can do to protect
> the Liberty we all hold so dear." Jason Childs, founder of the Center
> for Progress in Alabama, Liberty University graduate, and former
> evangelical Baptist pastor.
> Midwest Book Review: Small Press Watch, June 2012
> "A theocracy is a nation where religion controls the government.
> 'Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy' is a treatise
> a former member of such a religious right Church... 'Religious Right'
> is worth considering for those who want to better understand the
> Christian Right's ideals for the American nation."
> San Francisco Book Reviews - 4 Stars
> "There is a dangerous threat brewing, and many are afraid to speak
> against it. As a former member of the Religious Right, A.F. Alexander
> offers an insider's explanation of why the movement formed, how it
> joined with the Republican Party, how its members view the world, and
> what they want for America... this book serves as an honest and
> frightening look into a movement whose goal, Alexander argues, is
> ultimately to destroy American democracy in favor of a Biblically-led
> system."
> Nulla/LibraryThing 4 stars
> It is a good basic introduction to understanding the drives of the
> fundamentalist Christian right and how they mesh into present day
> American politics...It will scare the pants off you - as it should!
> Barnes & Noble Anonymous Reviewer 5 Stars
> "I couldn't put it down. This book ties together all the pieces of
> pervasive Dominionist movement. Theocrats really are systematically
> gaining control of the 'seven mountains' of our society... The author
> gives us the true history of the movement and brings us up to date on
> its impressive progress. He takes us inside many subsets of this
> extremist world. I was particularly fascinated by the creepy
> Quiverfull movement. This stuff should be the stuff of fiction and
> conspiracy theories, but it is very real. It is also dangerously
> reported."
> Amazon Reviewer Ronald Maron (Nova Scotia) 5 Stars
> "In a clearly defined and fluid manner, the author defines the Seven
> Mountains of Influence, which serves as the blue print for a
> based government, the leading protagonists behind this movement and
> the length and breadth to which it has already succeeded...Unless we
> as a population of persons can get out of our collective malaise and
> awaken to the stealth operations that are taking place around us we,
> too, will become the boiled frogs of the symbolic kettle."
> http://www.religiousright101.com/
I'm not amerkin, and I wouldn't read the bloody book if I was! **** OFF
with your voodoo mumbo crap!
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