View Full Version : Nasal cancer or polyps

March 6th 13, 04:07 PM
I have a cat on antibiotics right now. Drainage and occ. blood from one
side of the head. Vet said most nasal cancers tend to be unilateral so
I'm not feeling hopeful.

Possibilities are infection, foreign body (not usually likely in cats),
nasal cancer or nasal polyps.

After doing some reading, prognosis for nasal cancer doesn't sound great
and apparently there can also be very bad side effects from surgery for
nasal polyps.

I'm giving the Orbax 3-4 days to do something and then will schedule an
X-ray and maybe a nasal wash for culture. Vet said if cancer you can
sometimes tell from X-ray by erosion of turbinates, if it's advanced
enough. Can't see polyps though with an X-ray.

She's 15 1/2 years and has been fairly healthy most of her life.

So anyone got any stories about nasal cancers or polyps?

take out the dog before replying