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Robb Scott
September 24th 13, 11:49 PM
Hi. New to this group, but I'm an old hand at UseNet.

Greta (named so because she wants to be alone) was spayed at the
respected Nationally Affiliated Shelter I got her from. She was 10 weeks

At 5 months or so, she started acting really peculiar, writhing on the
ground, yelping horrifically. Now, I've had a cat go into heat, but that
was 33 years ago, and I didn't recognize the symptoms, and besides, I
didn't even consider heat, 'cos, hey, I got paperwork here confirming
she's been spayed, right?

Turns out, when they spayed her, they left a tiny bit of reproductive
tissue in there (basically, they botched the operation). So now, every 6
weeks or so, I got a cat that goes into "heat". She's a little over a
year old now, and as she approaches her prime, the Throes, as I call
them, are getting more and more intense.

And, no, they can't just go in and remove the rest of the tissue - it
becomes detached and finding it involves, basically, exploding her.

It's been suggested that I try a pheromone treatment such as Feliway. I
found a pheromone collar at one of those Mega-Pet stores, and will try
that next time, but I'm not holding my breath.

She seems tortured when she goes into this, and I confess the last time
this happened I took her back to the shelter and asked them to put her
down. They talked me down off that cliff, assured me that she isn't in
pain and that this is "normal".

Normal. Except, I can't get her spayed and I can't get her laid. So this
is her life, for the duration. She's a wonderful, affectionate kitty
when in normal mode, but every so often she turns into Linda Blair for
10 days.

Has anyone else ever dealt with this?

Thanks for any info and/or experience you can provide...