View Full Version : Worst litter ever!

John Doe
March 22nd 14, 02:27 AM
I was in a hurry. The local megastore was out of my usual brand. I
bought four 25 pound boxes of Fresh Step Fast Acting. If you use a
bright flashlight in the litter box area, you can see how much
dust there is. When I poured the new litter in there, smoke
billowed out of the box. Really weird, it looked exactly like
smoke. And it smelled like cheap fabric softener sheets. Totally
gross. I tried to cope, but ended up taking back three of the four
boxes. I will probably stick with Arm & Hammer, I can't stand fake
perfume smell. When they used the box, the whole room smelled like
it. I won't buy that much litter again if I haven't tried it.

I might buy another "large" Omega Paws "self-cleaning" litter box.
The current method of spray cleaning (without wiping) the back inner
side seems to keep them from peeing on it again for a long time.
And it really is much easier to use. I made another modification
after taping the right outside seem. Put a strip of plastic inside
to help the clumps smoothly roll over the waste drawer instead of
bouncing off of it. It's 2-3 inches short, but they do okay in it.

John Doe
March 25th 14, 05:01 AM
> I might buy another "large" Omega Paws "self-cleaning" litter box.

I ordered one just before it went from $30 to $40. Guessed right!