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Sylvia M[_3_]
December 7th 14, 02:31 AM
After having the radioactive iodine shot for hyperthyroid done one month
ago.my cat, Pit2nya had her one month lab work done...
Most of her numbers are now excellent:
T4 thyroid was 6.4, now it's only 1.9 (-:
Renal (Kidney function) is normal...that's good.
Cholesterol is HIGH! 236 (should be 75 to 220)
I will be reading labels of both wet and dry foods quite carefully.

Any suggestions to start with?

Also Na/K Ratio is a bit low 31 instead of 32-41
How does one increase or reduce which of these?
(my math brain isn't functioning at the moment...too long inactivated)

She will be retested in 2 months. I'd like the tests to show improvements
by then.

The tests seemed quite pricey, but I have no comparisons for blood panels
and 'renal' urinalysis.


December 7th 14, 11:09 PM
On 12/7/2014 3:36 PM, Sylvia M wrote:

> Better fact finding than I have done. Many thanks.

...........that endocrine doc's site is the best!
> Sodium 154 mEq/L range 145-158
> Potassium 4.9 mEq/L range:3.4-5.6
> Na/K Ratio 31 range 32-41

.......So it's only slightly askew. Just so you know what's dangerous, a
dog with undiagnosed Addison's disease had an Na:K ratio of 13:1. No
one knew why her heart was still beating.

> And not after a fast, so I'll assume not an issue.
> I'll calm down, check her diet, perhaps change part,
> and wait for next test, given early in the morning, before feeding

.......Yes, breathe! I always do BW, if it's scheduled ahead, the first
thing in the AM. Then they only have to wait a bit for breakfast!

take out the dog before replying