View Full Version : cat possible tapeworm help

January 19th 15, 05:40 AM
my cat has mild fleas. have combed her and found maybe a dozen at best and going to be attempting to bath her with dr. bronnes castile soap tomorrow. however, a couple days ago, she scooted across the floor when i got home, adding additional worries now when i thought i was making progress. she is tenacious to say the least, so when i checked her yesterday, her bum was swollen and irritated from her licking it. was worried that it may be an anal sac problem, but after i nurtured her and looked after all night, the swelling went down and looking normal. so i went to sleep, trying to keep her in room with me but when i woke up she had a slightly swollen bum again!!! aghhhh! so i put some bag balm on her rear again, and this time the swelling went down after a few hours. maybe she has a slight allergy to fleas, causing itchy bum? i got some nemex-2 and prolabs praziquantel. she relieves herself outside,so i set up a litterbox to make sure shes not constipated before giving her the medicine, to prevent further complications.

.... Well, its been over a week now, and i didn't give her any of the dewormers. She was fine for almost a week, but she came in yesterday with a slightly swollen bum. Its not irritated like last week, and she hasn't scooted or tried scratching herself in awhile. I've been giving her pumpkin and coconut oil to help with fiber in case she's lacking any or having diarrhea. unfortunately she hasn't used the litter box and eventually i let her out, because shes obstinate and i don't want her stressing out more. i havent found a vet that i trust yet, but i'm on the verge of taking her in. shes not bloated so i know she's been relieving herself, but short of me following her around the forest in my backyard, i have no "solid" proof.(funny).. if anyone has any advice, short of stating to take an obvious visit to the vet, please let me know. thanks