View Full Version : Cats and Hot weather

May 11th 15, 03:17 PM
It looks like I'll be moving from New York City to Florida within two
months - assuming all goes well with the house sale. My three cats are
used to going into my fenced in backyard, but for a few months (at
least) they'll have to stay inside once we get to Florida. I won't
have a fenced in yard for them.

My cats do go out during the winter, but usually only for a few
minutes before deciding that indoors is more comfortable. They also
don't tend to go out for very long in hot weather. Right now they
spend a fair around of time in the back.

It will be interesting to see how much they want to go out in very hot
weather. Being fur-lined, I think it won't be too much, but I have
seen cats roaming around the Florida neighborhood so I suppose they
get used to it.

The new house has an atrium - 6' by 12', or roughly 2 by 4 meters I
guess. It's open to the sky, so of course it's going to be hot. But
I'm planning on leaving the glass door open a bit so the cats can get
in there. Sort of like being outside but without the normal dangers.

We aren't allowed to let pets roam freely, but as I wrote, I've seen
cats that clearly aren't strays so sooner or later mine will be
allowed to go out in the yard. I just don't think that they'll be
going out much from May to October.