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August 12th 15, 12:05 AM
how do i stop cat hissing at people

John Doe[_2_]
August 12th 15, 04:14 AM
my > wrote:

> how do i stop cat hissing at people

If it's for the typical reason, you probably can't. I believe it's
typically a sign of stress. The only way to stop it is to introduce more
stress, so correction doesn't work. The only solution is to remove the
cat from the area.

Something that might work but is less than ideal... Don't be so nice to
your cat. That way it won't be less comfortable and might not hiss. In
other words... While you're thinking about it but when it's not
happening, get onto your cat in a controlled manner. Then let up when
people are around. Kind of evens out the stress. Specifically, I'm
talking about something like looking at your cat and sternly saying
"DON'T HISS" when it isn't hissing.

Good luck.

August 12th 15, 10:00 AM
On 8/11/2015 7:05 PM, my wrote:
> how do i stop cat hissing at people
What are the situations where the cat hisses?
Does the cat attack the people also?

I'd just leave him/her alone and if it bothers you put your cat in a
room while people are visiting.
Your cat is either afraid, territorial or doesn't feel well or secure
with other people.

take out the dog before replying