View Full Version : I Have To Go To The Vet Again

October 12th 15, 01:11 PM
"Mosey-=^..^= wrote

Hi my good friends,
Looks like I have to go to the Vet sometime next week, because I yam peering
LOTZ on da couch, sew Dad will take meh.
Dad finks et mite hab spumfing tu du wif PookyKat pikin on meh.
Paw telled Mom dat weh shud gib PookyKat tu our naybur Andy.
Mom thinks I might have my UTI back.
Mom iznt mad wif meh, but Paw was yelling, n hym taked himself owt tu
dinner. Dad let me out wazt night wen hym gotted hoam n dat sorta upzet Mom.
Mom iznt fealing good eithur. Her haz uh bad stumik
I could _reely_ use some purrs.
Fangu sew vury mutch
Vice Grand Pooh Bah