View Full Version : MEOW: 20th Annual Jellicle Ball

October 12th 15, 08:39 PM
Suggestion: I was just going back over all the scrapbooks from Jellicle Balls past -- some handed down to me from my Great Great Grand Dam Shawnee's Bonnie, House of Ruskin (aka She of the Black Lightning Paws, and Mistress of the Night) -- that I realized that this is our 20th Annual Jellicle Ball!!! The Jellicle Ball has been hosted in some strange and exotic locations around the world, this year Hawaii!!!

Maybe while we are there we should consider welcoming and giving tribute to Pele, the Goddess of the Volcano. She was one of a family of six daughters and seven sons born to Haumea (a very ancient Earth goddess) and Kane Milohai (creator of the sky, earth and upper heavens).Now that would be a PARTY!!!

Being that we are CATS and associated with Goddesses and Mothger Earth this would be most appropriate.

Misty, Mistress of the Night

Sundance and/or Rebecca
October 12th 15, 10:56 PM
Az catz we iz associated wif da goddess Bast. I never heered dat we iz associated wif goddessez in generul.