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October 19th 15, 01:47 AM
"Mosey=^..^-" wrote in message news:...

Hai Amelia,
Hao r u?
Did you git the present ai left on yer porch da uther dai?
I hope you liked what I got you.
I will tell the others what I got you.
I got Amelia a black collar covered in diamonds to wear with her Hawaiian
I also got lots of magical leis that I will send to the Bowteek
I guess Ranger asked Pipps to Jellicle Ball and she is thrilled. yeUP.
Ranger, PookyKat and I went shopping at the Bowteek and got our Hawaiian
Now Amelia, Pipps and Sqweex would like to go shopping with you at the
Is that OK with you? Harri can go with as well. I got her a speshul healing
magical Lei.
I'm not going into personal issues at home, but we still aren't allowed back
into the bedroom.
I'll leave it at that.