View Full Version : Jellicle Ball: Please add one to the Calling of the Names

Donna M
October 31st 15, 12:37 AM
:Large orange kitty steps forward:

Captain here. It is my sad duty to request that one more name be added to the list of the Calling of the Names. My brother just left for the Bridge in this past hour.

Stanley, House of Momorella

Meowmy and Paw are just returned from TED, who did all she could to make Stanley comfortable. But once they found that cancermonsters were somewhere and spread to his lungs, making him have breathing problems, Meowmy and Paw knew there was only one thing to do.

Meowmy is crying. Baxter the D-thing is glued to her side. He knows something's wrong. So do I.

Captain, Baxter, and crying Meowmy, Donna

October 31st 15, 04:21 AM
[Fredrick T Spawn nods at his clowder and they form a circle, assuming the meatloaf position of respect.]

Stanley, we purr fur yewrown jurnee ana fur da hurtin hartz uv year famlee ana frenz.

[A lurking humin suffers MMS]