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November 1st 15, 04:32 PM
Daisy-chan checks her cell phone and finds a text from her meowmie.

'Daisy-chan my love, do you need a fresh list printed in Braille with
any additions? If so, text me the added names and I'll print you a
fresh list and put it in the 'porter for pickup. Love, Carol'.

Daisy-chan smiles and texts back that the final reading is at dawn
which [she looks up and checks the stars] is in about 2 hours and she
will have light to read by if Meowmie wants to catch some more winks.

She gets back a text. ;-) zzzzzz

She wanders off to see how the others are doing. Cash is on the stage,
hot pink sandals and his many leis almost obsure a multi-colored bow
tie. He's dressed in a grass skirt and wriggling his hips for the
ladies, to gales of laughter.

Iowna is to the side demonstrating to Tommy and Mark 'how to nap with a
doggie'. It is especially effective on Tommy who's purrs almost drown
out Iowna's snuffles. Mark subsides into meatloaf position and joins
in. Just a little catnap...Rex and Regina are safe here...

Daisy-chan snags Mosey, P2tunya, and Samanfa and they form a hula line
with Cash.

2 local kittahs check the last of the Hawaaian bread dough and find it
ready. They load it in one of the empty refridgerator boxes after
removing the last of the dry ice. They are metal lined. They lift it
to the pig pit and add a final few coals. The exterior wood slowly
burns off and heats the interior to a perfect baking oven. When the
kittahs depart, they will have fresh hot Hawaiian bread to take with

They bow to Rex and Regina and set a special loaf to the side for them.
It is Hawaiian King's bread, once upon a time reserved only for royalty
but an ancient royal Hawaiian said it was good and should not be just
for them so everyone can have it now.