View Full Version : A holiday reminder from Samuel Redcat

Harri Roadcat
November 2nd 15, 03:32 PM
One fing I rememfur about mine sisfur Amelia is dat her loved da
holidays. She din't care about the prezzies an things but her loved dat
da holidays is when da hoomins an da aminals get to spend extra time
together at home. Dat was furry important to her.

So in memory of mine sisfur Amelia, I want to announce dat da Sekrit
Santa Coordinator emailed me an tole me dat da Sekrit Santa signup site
is open again. Like before, it'z at http://sekritsanta.org. It's all
ready to accept signups fur Sekrit Santa and fur da Kissamouse Card list.

If you haven't done dis befur, dis is where kitties dat want to send
Kissamouse Prezzies to other kitties (an dere hoomins too, since da
hoomins have to actually take da packajes to da Post Office to be
mailed) signup up, an if you sign up den another clowder gets your name
an address. So you end up sending our one box of Kissamouse Prezzies
(toys, snacks, etc), and you get one from another clowder! It'z lots and
lots of fun!

An dere is also a Kissamouse Card list. If you sign up, then you will be
added a list dat goes out to everyone who has signed up.

Da Sekrit Santa list and da Kissamouse Card list are separate lists. You
can sign up fur Sekrit Santa and not da cards, or fur da cards an not da
Sekrit Santa, or fur both da cards an da Sekrit Santa.

I heartily recommend deze signups to all da clowders here. Especially
dis year, when so many of our Community members haf left us so recently
and made so many of us sad.

Fangu for listening.

Samuel Redcat