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January 15th 16, 09:46 PM
Christina Websell wrote:

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>> Happy New Year! I hope this year is better than last year for everybody.

> Me three! 2015 was not too bad for me. I didn't have to have an operation
> ;-)

2015 was a pretty decent year for me - the first in about a decade and
a half. This was not because my life in that decade and a half was filled
with tragedies or terrible events, but because I suffer from depression,
and it took that long for me to get over it. OK, I'll never be completely
over it, because it's a biological condition. But in the past year it seemed
like I kind of "woke up" and got excited about life again. I didn't feel
like I was just going through the motions of living, like I have since the
early 2000s, but was actually living, actually choosing things. I still had
upsets and frustrations, but I didn't feel dead inside. I'd much rather have
some difficult emotions than just that "meh, whatever" lack of inspiration.
That's what it is: I've felt inspired this past year. Everything else is
the same - all the same struggles, insecurities, unresolved issues that I
usually have - but I've also felt inspired and that's made a huge difference.

I hope that 2016 will be as good, if not better, than last year. I already
know that 2016 is going to suck in American public life, but maybe I will
at least have a decent personal life!


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