View Full Version : Colorado cat rescue

Austin Davis
March 2nd 16, 08:15 AM
In southeastern New Mexico I captured a tiny wild starving kitten. I kept it for seven days wile I fed it, cleaned it up and calmed it down. It had fleas so bad they jumped off it and ate me alive. I found a no kill shelter in a nearby town and took it there. The cages were small, the woman working there seemed haggard and overworked. They had some cats in large glass display rooms out front. She told me the cats in the cages were waiting to be fixed. I was worried the kitten and those cats would be stuck in the small cages for weeks or months without getting out much. After two weeks I stopped by to check on the kitten. The woman claimed she didn't remember it, and said it was probably shipped to Colorado. She didn't recognize a picture. Colorado is hundreds of miles away from here. It seems odd they would take the cats there.

Has anyone heard of a place in Colorado that takes cats from other states? She wouldn't say what town it is. I'd like to believe the kitten is safe and happy, but I'm a little worried. If I could find a website and contact info i'd like to check on it.