View Full Version : And things change MORE

The New Other Guy
April 15th 16, 05:13 AM
GLyN has never cared about people food, until now.

For about a year, he has been happy to get a slice or 2
of roast beef lunch meat, when I was making a sandwich.
ONLY roast beef, not much of anything else.

But THIS week, he expressed a desire to have a piece of
roast pork. NOT lunch meat, but an actual chunk of pork.
I'd offered him some before, but he'd always refused it.

Then, the NEXT day, he wanted a piece of filet mignon!
and then a second piece. He's always such a gentleman,
never snatching food, but waiting for it to be laid at
his feet. Again, UNTIL now, when he actually took it
from my hand. But gently.

And the day after that, another piece of pork.

I don't mind him doing this, and he's never greedy,
and he is totally healthy, so I'll continue to offer
it, as long as it's what he wants.