View Full Version : PIPPS N RANGER move into Mosey's big home

May 26th 16, 10:46 PM
Aftur uh wunnerful honeymoon en Hawaii, Pipps n Ranger return home n move
intu Mosey's big house. (smiles)
They are greeted by the maids and shown to their room upstairs.
Et is uh bootiful room n Mosey asks hiz maids tu put sum nip there, ulong
wif uh bottul uf nip champayn , flowerz, n den leev dem ulone,
Mosey haz uh vury nise room in da basement sew hym wunt git in da wai uf
da nooly winked cuppul. yeUP.
Laytur, dey wyl awl goe dawn fur dinner az da chef Sven, prepares et wif uh
grate flourish .
Pipps n Ranger r napping nao.