View Full Version : Hi Mosey has his own account now

October 2nd 16, 05:30 PM
jezt wuntud tu let yu awl noe ai m heer

me jezt wuntud tu let yu awl noe ai luvz yew awl yeUp

October 4th 16, 06:46 PM
ai would wike to skort uh single girlcat tu Jellicle Ball but duzznt noe iny Nope.
Hoo wood wike tu go tu da Ball wiff meh ?
ai will bring uh basket uf Jellicle Ball 2016 bootiful soft hankies tu put bai da guestbook
Pipps will be der wif her wink Ranger m PookyKat iz ulso uh single mancat hoo wood wike tu skort uh single girlcat to Jellicle Ball. Sqweex was PookyKat's wink b 4 Sqweex wint to RB